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mastertypoPatrick Simianer8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-01-09typoHEADmasterPatrick Simianer
2015-11-12fileutil: add access to File object, bump to 1.2.6Patrick Simianer
2015-07-16SparseVector: fixesPatrick Simianer
2015-07-16bump to 1.2.5Patrick Simianer
2015-07-16SparseVector: norm, unitPatrick Simianer
2015-07-16spacePatrick Simianer
2015-03-06fileutil: rewind, SV: division -> bump to 1.2.4Patrick Simianer
2015-03-04SparseVector: fix from_kv -> bump to v1.2.3Patrick Simianer
2015-01-25bump to v1.2.2Patrick Simianer
2015-01-25BLEU: support for multiple references, unit testPatrick Simianer