binMy ~/bin folder9 months
dotfilesMy dotfiles5 weeks
snippetsVarious snippets for personal use9 months
upSimple ruby script and app to monitor network hosts3 years
weather_loggerBare bones weather logger18 months
linux-minimal-x61sBuild a Linux kernel just for an IBM/Lenovo X61s3 years
minimal-initramfsMinmal initramfs with support for an encrypted /home -- works with Gentoo Linux3 years
power_loggerLogger for power usage data from smart plugs w/ Tasmota firmware that is reporte...20 months
bildroehreMirror of years
bold_rerankingMirror of years
cdec-dtrainMirror of years
cdec-dtrain-legacyMirror of years
derivation_editorMirror of years
lfpeMirror of years
mmertMirror of years
nlp_scriptsMirror of months
odenwaldMirror of years
perceptron.rbMirror of years
r01Mirror of years
rebolMirror of years
recurrentjsMirror of years
regexvisMirror of years
serializer_benchmarkMirror of years
sinatra-fileupload-with-tokensMirror of years
smt-semparseMirror of years
snap_to_gridMirror of years
zipfMirror of years